School-Age Social Skills Groups

School-Age Social Skills Groups, Janet Hansen Psychologist, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LLC

Help your child get the extra support, practice and direct instruction needed to improve social and conversation skills with peers. Groups are conducted under the guidance of one of our highly-qualified, friendly & energetic Behavioral Consultants.


These groups are designed for children in elementary or middle school who are challenged with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, language delay, social anxiety, or those who may just need extra support and reassurance socially. Groups meet weekly after school or during the daytime in summer.


School-Age Social Skills Goals

  • Improving social communication and conversation skills with peers
  • Increasing independence and participation in a group, including building attention
  • Increasing understanding of nonverbal communication including body language and emotions
  • Improving coping skills for frustration, anxiety, and anger
  • Improving self-monitoring skills
  • Learning how to find solutions to social problems and dilemmas

Additional focus groups may be offered that target specific skills or areas of development such as Sibling Play, Expanding Eating, Executive Functioning Skills, Girls Group, Social Thinking, Cooperative Video Game Play.

These groups will include many of the general social skills goals within the context of the group as well as topic specific and individualized goals.


Groups currently conducted by Behavioral Consultant Stephanie Zerrillo-Greco, M.Ed. under the supervision of Dr. Janet Hansen.

Groups forming now.

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